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Zhang Chenglin still struggles when he joins Tianhai Gaolin

At the same time as Real Madrid launched a fierce attack, Athletic Bilbao also created a threat with a counterattack. In the 20th minute, Athletic Bilbao made a direct pass. After receiving the ball, Williams broke into the right side of the penalty area. Under Militao's defense, he kicked and shot. The ball flew from under Militao to the goal. Fortunately, Real Madrid goalkeeper Kurtu Watt concentrates on saving the ball from the baseline.

At the last moment of stoppage time, Courtois once again made a wonderful save. At the time, Athletic Bilbao made a cross from the left, Villalibre headed the goal from close range without being marked in the penalty area, and Courtois saved the ball again bravely. Courtois was criticized for his ups and downs after joining Real Madrid last season, but his performance has become more stable this season, repaying Real Madrid's trust with his excellent form.If you want to know more about "Real Madrid Ghost Story: 20 Shots 0 Hits! 96 Minutes 2-meter Giant Becomes the Savior", please continue to pay attention to the science and technology information column, the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information .

The sadness is the coolest in the evening, and the haggard people are unbearable. Hello everyone, here is a little melancholy editor. The editor took a long time to organize and bring you this article. Not to hang everyone's appetite, let's find out together. Last night Manchester United challenged the deputy squad leader Watford. The Red Devils continued to send warmth to the weak team and lost to Watford 2-0. After the game, coach Solskjaer said that the team had no fighting spirit and played like a commemorative game and did not deserve to win.Solskjaer said: "Judging from our team's performance on the field, we are not worthy of victory. Our passing is too slow, like playing a commemorative game, and after losing the ball, we can't actively go for it. The whole game We didn't play the game with the intensity we should have. Then we tried to tie the game, but we didn't do enough, the players needed to stay focused all the time. We didn't deserve to win today, the opponent seized the opportunity, but we Didn't do it."

Manchester United's first goal conceded was largely the responsibility of De Gea, as the ever-steady Spanish goalkeeper let go when he saved a less-threatening shot. However, Solskjaer was reluctant to criticize De Gea after the game: "He's been in good form recently, what happened today was just an accident. He's very confident, which is a positive sign. On the pitch, you have to win every game. One round, and we didn't do it today. I can keep talking about this kind of thing, or I can just forget it. We have two important games next."If you want to know more information about "Solskjaer's Angrily Criticizing Players Playing Like a Memorial Tournament", please continue to pay attention to the technology information column, and the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information.

The general was born with courage and arrogance, and his waist was full of autumn water and wild goose and knives. Hello everyone, this is the editor who can't hold a knife. The editor took a long time to organize and bring you this article. Don't let everyone wait for a long time, let's get to the point immediately. Italian Super Cup final, Juventus 1-3 Lazio missed the championship. This also ended Cristiano Ronaldo's record of winning 12 consecutive games in the final.In Serie A, Juventus lost 1-3 to Lazio and suffered their first defeat of the season. Just half a month later, the two teams met again. It stands to reason that Sarri should adjust the team's tactics to increase confrontation and speed, but the stubborn coach still chose me. , But the slap in the face is that Lazio also used powerful confrontation and speed shock tactics to smash Juventus' defense line and win 3-1 again.

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