Behind the National Celebration of the NBA Finals, Six Cross-Circle Communication Demonstrates the Matrix Effect|big+cash+apk+game-cash paytm game

Behind the National Celebration of the NBA Finals, Six Cross-Circle Communication Demonstrates the Matrix Effect

According to the provisions of the "Epidemic Prevention Manual" of the Olympic Games, participating athletes, coaches and officials will be in a "bubble" environment, without contact with the Japanese public, and will not take public transportation, but for the media covering the Olympic Games, restrictions It will be relatively loose, and some Japanese media have also mentioned how to restrict the activities of international media reporters. Seiko Hashimoto said: "The Japanese public is indeed concerned about the activities of international media journalists because athletes are basically under control, but after the first few days of quarantine, journalists can move freely and it will be a challenge. We will have active discussions with relevant parties to see how to deal with this issue in order to allay the concerns of the Japanese public."

Seiko Hashimoto spoke highly of last week's many test events, including volleyball, diving and track and field, with overseas athletes participating. But compared to the more than 10,000 athletes during the Olympics, fewer than 1,000 athletes participated in these test events.Regarding this issue, Seiko Hashimoto said that the scale of the test competitions cannot be compared with the Olympic Games, but through these test competitions, the Olympic Organizing Committee has a more practical understanding of epidemic prevention and other issues, and also found many problems. The committee will discuss all issues identified during the test matches to find solutions as soon as possible before the Olympic Games.

During the test competition, some athletes were found not wearing masks as required. Seiko Hashimoto said that the Olympic Organizing Committee also discovered this phenomenon. She hopes that during the Olympic Games, every athlete can abide by the provisions of the "Epidemic Prevention Manual", otherwise The formulation of the "Epidemic Prevention Manual" is meaningless."We are making final preparations for the opening of the Olympics," she said. "Safety is the number one priority."

According to news on May 15, at a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reporter asked a question. The US side said on the 12th that Beijing will use the Winter Olympics platform to "cover up its abuse". A senior official at the U.S. State Department's Office of International Religious Freedom also said that the U.S. is still considering some actions ahead of the opening of the Winter Olympics in February next year. He said that "we cannot turn a blind eye to Beijing's abhorrent human rights record." what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue?Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that some people in the United States talked about the so-called "abhorrent human rights record of Beijing." In fact, what the United States has done in terms of human rights, including historical records and what it is doing now, is very shameful. On the issue of human rights, it has made arbitrary accusations against China. I hope everyone can make the largest mirror in the world and give it to them, so that they can take a good picture.

Hua Chunying emphasized that we firmly oppose the politicization of sports, and political manipulation will ultimately damage the rights of athletes from all countries to compete fairly. Those politicians in the United States have no right to kidnap the right of their country's athletes to compete fairly and compete.On May 14, Wuma Sports, the organizer of the 2021 Hangzhou Cross Country Race, issued an emergency announcement, as follows:

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