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Finalissima Cup logo revealed, Italy VS Argentina in June

Recently, F1 parent company Liberty Media Group announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2020, with a total loss of $104 million for the quarter. Compared to the same period last year, revenue was down $36 million, even though three more games were held during the period compared to 2019.

The third quarter saw the return of the new F1 season and the smooth running of 10 grands prix, with revenue from 10 races significantly increasing to $597 million. However, that's still lower than the $633 million in revenue in the third quarter of last year.In addition, profit in the third quarter of this year was even wider than last year. F1 made $44 million in the third quarter of 2019 but lost $104 million this year, which F1 officials attribute to a change in race revenue due to the inability to sell tickets to fans.

On November 8, Serie A giants Juventus held an away match against Lazio in Chengdu, creating a rare high-quality interactive experience for local fans in the post-epidemic period.As the Juventus Club's first official fan watching event in Southwest China, Chengdu Station fully stimulated the enthusiasm of Southwest fans to watch the game. Tickets distributed through the official social platform in three days were all sold out immediately after the ticket was issued. At the same time, other guests from the official fan club fans, fan leader group J Squad, coaches from the Meishan Juventus Football Academy and partners also came to cheer for the team.

The club specially produced "customized content" for Chinese fans. Specially invited brand ambassador and team legend David Trezeguet recorded an exclusive video before the game, and watched the game with fans in real-time during the game to comment on the game. , interactive Q&A, and gave fans their own autographed gifts after the game. In order to allow the majority of fans who cannot be present to have the opportunity to fully interact with Juventus celebrities, the club has carefully designed an online and offline linkage mechanism, and fans can participate in the same interactive activities through the official platform. Chengdu Station added the most iconic Serie A trophy display, mascot zebra JAY and other club elements at the event site, creating a pure, multi-faceted black and white experience.The customized content on the spot does not stop there. The five official partners of Juventus, adidas, Jeep, Baisuishan, Lavazza and Ferrari, also took this event to bring a unique experience. Fans at the stadium.

Federico Palomba, Managing Director of Juventus Asia Pacific, said: "We have always had a huge fan base in China. After the club opened its Asia Pacific office, it has continued to strive to create more experiential and interactive fan bases for the vast fan base. Platform. During the suspension of the game, the club organized an interactive live show with tens of millions of viewers; when work and life in China have completely returned to normal, we also launched this game viewing event. These activities can not only deepen the interaction with fans Communication, shaping the Juventus black and white fan community culture, while also helping partners provide brand exposure and reach core fans."With the return of domestic life and work to normal, Juventus plans to take advantage of the opportunity to launch more online and offline exchange and interaction activities in China in the next year, and go to more cities to meet the needs of many Tinitinas for football. craving.

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