A number of echelon teenagers participated in Barcelona's training on January 19, and Arthur and Arthur returned to joint training|big cash game app-cash paytm game

A number of echelon teenagers participated in Barcelona's training on January 19, and Arthur and Arthur returned to joint training

On September 9, the La Liga giant Barcelona officially released the team's third jersey for the 2021/22 season. The jersey is designed with the concept of "created in Barcelona", based on the landmark elements of the city's unique neighborhoods, reinterpreting the traditional red and blue stripes, and highlighting the club's strong support for young talents and its close connection with local culture.

In addition to this innovation, another special feature of the new Barcelona jersey is that it will be used as an exclusive shirt for the Barcelona men's and women's football teams in the Champions League. In the early morning of September 15 (Wednesday), Beijing time, the Barcelona men's football team will wear this new jersey for the first time at Camp Nou for the first match of the Champions League group stage with Bayern Munich.It is reported that in addition to retaining the traditional vertical red and blue stripes design of Barcelona, the new jersey also adds many distinctive details. It not only uses neon tones, but also combines the characteristics of the five neighbourhoods of Barcelona: Pobsec, Pobleno, Gracia, Laval and Le Corz. The silhouettes of the most iconic landmarks in each neighborhood are depicted on the jerseys through creative imagery interpretations by young local artists. Not only that, the striped design also incorporates the scarves worn by fans on game days as an image element to pay tribute to the majority of Barcelona supporters. The jersey is paired with shorts in the same blue color as the top, with a dark blue stripe on each side emblazoned with "El nostre Bar莽a", which means "Our Bar莽a". Likewise, the slogan will appear on the matching socks.

There are two versions of the new jersey. In addition to the logo of the jersey sponsor Nike, the men's football version has the logo of the main partner - Rakuten (Rakuten) on the chest, while the women's football version is printed with the main partner - Stanley ( Stanley's logo. To contrast with the colour of the jersey, these logos, along with the UNICEF logo and jersey number, are printed in bright yellow.The third jersey of Barcelona's new season is also made of 100% polyester fiber. This raw material is taken from recycled plastic bottles and melted into woven threads through professional technology. While providing the best performance for the jersey, the manufacturing process is reduced. influence of the natural environment.

A few days ago, the Spanish Catalonia club Sabadell Youth A team officially announced the official signing of the Chinese national youth player He Xiaoke.He Xiaoke is from the Luneng Football School and plays as a striker on the field. He is an excellent player in the 2004 age group. In 2018, He Xiaoke led China's U14 national team to a 3-1 victory over South Korea's U14 national team in the "Wuhan Cup", and he scored a hat-trick in that game.

In 2019, He Xiaoke successfully broke through the qualifiers of the Asian Junior Championship with the Chinese U15 Junior Team, but due to the new crown epidemic, the Asian Junior Championship could not be held. Before joining Sabadell Youth A Team, He Xiaoke has been training and playing with the team. He scored the winning goal in the warm-up match against St. Andrews Youth A Team.It should be pointed out that He Xiaoke will only turn 18 in January next year. Generally speaking, only non-EU players who have reached the age of 18 can complete international transfers, and only after that can represent the club in local official leagues.

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