Lewandowski may not participate in Doha winter training camp, he will stay in Munich training|paytm cash ludo game-cash paytm game

Lewandowski may not participate in Doha winter training camp, he will stay in Munich training

Recently, the Spanish Barcelona team rejected the sponsorship of the Swedish brand because they "do not want to have a conflict with China".

The current sponsor of Barcelona's casual clothing is the American brand Thom Browne, and the cooperation between the two parties started in 2018 for a period of three years.Spain's Efe news agency (EFE) subsequently confirmed the news to Barcelona officials. The person said the club had decided to end the negotiations after being reminded by the communications department and the Hong Kong office, and "all processes are transparent".

Garmin launched the ApproachR10 golf radar data analyzer, which is a compact and convenient golf radar data analyzer designed for golfers to improve their golf experience, allowing you to improve your golf skills at home and on the driving range. ,stand out. R10 can provide more than 20 data indicators in real time, including club head speed, ball speed, hitting efficiency, ball spin, take-off angle and other data.Whether you are a golf beginner or a professional player, you can understand the data through ApproachR10 and make appropriate adjustments to improve your golf skills. At the same time, you can log in and link to the Garmin Golf app, players can use the driving range mode to understand their strengths and areas for improvement, use automatic recording of swing videos, review and analyze your swing performance, and more than 42,000 fairway maps around the world. Play virtual 3D rounds, participate in weekly tournaments, post your scores to leaderboards, and make indoor training fun.

Zhou Ziyao, general manager of Garmin China, introduced: The ApproachR10 golf radar data analyzer is small and lightweight, and provides a large amount of professional data such as ball rotation, take-off angle, club face angle, etc. for golf players to understand the swing situation when practicing the ball , In addition, you can download 42,000 golf course maps around the world, which can be used at home or on the driving range to increase the fun of playing. With the R10 Golf Radar Data Analyzer, you don't need to consider how busy your schedule is or changeable weather factors, any place you can swing can experience the fun of swinging at any time and directly experience a simulated 18-hole! In any case, I hope that the R10 will help every golfer enjoy the fun of swinging anytime, anywhere.Data refinement every shot

Golf players can use the latest training function of ApproachR10. Players can track and record each set of data, and easily draw a distribution map of the shot through the predicted flight trajectory1. In addition to daily training, players can play virtual 3D rounds around the world, participate in weekly tournaments, post your scores to the Garmin Golf app.2 leaderboards, and make indoor training fun. In addition, using the automatic recording of the swing video, you can review and analyze the player's every swing performance, and all the data can be stored in the cloud for the player to view the relevant indicators of each swing at any time.Subscribe to premium membership to unlock more features

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