Huang Jingjing, Vice President of Keep: Keep's PUGC content consumption frequency this year has reached 5.2 billion|poker online cash game-cash paytm game

Huang Jingjing, Vice President of Keep: Keep's PUGC content consumption frequency this year has reached 5.2 billion

During the Olympic Games, the superposition effect of event hotspots and social advantages was fully reflected. Combined with the Olympic hotspot release, the scale of discussions and the advantages of hotspot communication, coupled with the social activity of athletes on Weibo, the total reading volume of Weibo Olympic topics reached 425.2 billion, and the total discussion volume exceeded 150 million, which promoted the popularity of Weibo in July and August. Monthly achieve double peaks of active users and traffic.

Based on the Q3 financial report, Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei said. "In September this year, Weibo's monthly active users and daily active users continued to grow month-on-month, thanks to our focus on Weibo's social media core positioning and team execution, effective channel acquisition strategies, and the promotion of the Olympic effect. ."The effect is superimposed, and the Olympic Games boosts the user scale to reach a new peak

On the first gold day of the Olympic Games, driven by key events such as the Chinese team's impact on the first gold medal, the number of daily active users reached 302 million, and the number of users reached the peak after the epidemic. The well-established Olympic matrix of Weibo has become an indispensable social platform for all people to watch and discuss the event.During the Tokyo Olympics, Weibo has obvious advantages in the release of Olympic hotspots, the scale of discussions and the dissemination of hotspots. Olympic athletes have appeared on the Weibo platform one after another, with a total interaction volume of more than 150 million. Their excellent performance on the field quickly became popular, with more than one million fans during the event of more than 28 athletes. Weibo users pay attention to all aspects of athletes, from training to life.

The video ecosystem has also been blessed by Olympic hotspots, and the number of video accounts opened in the third quarter has exceeded 20 million. In the key areas represented by sports, the production of video content has been improved through the incentive plan, and the recommendation model of high-quality video authors and video content has been optimized for core scenarios, so that more video authors and content suitable for Weibo consumption can be reached quickly. more users.In particular, Weibo's creation of Lianmai products this year has become a highlight during the event. More than 50 athletes, hundreds of cross-border big V and a number of leading media interacted, and a large number of topics were generated in the live broadcast room, forming a wider user discussion.

Strengthen social core capabilities to enhance user stickiness and interactionBehind the Olympic carnival on the Weibo platform is Weibo's strategy to strengthen its core social functions. In the third quarter, Weibo strengthened the mining and distribution of social content and hot content in the recommendation of information flow, and supported the traffic of high-quality accounts. In terms of product functions, more emphasis is placed on the reach of content to fans and the building of user relationships, which further enhances users' consumption of content and stimulates users' social interaction.

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