Cristiano Ronaldo: An important victory, Juventus returned to the top of the list|rummy game real cash paytm-cash paytm game

Cristiano Ronaldo: An important victory, Juventus returned to the top of the list

Italian coach Ancelotti became the new coach of Everton last month, and the Italian striker Moise Keane, who played for Everton, said he can learn a lot from Ancelotti.

The 19-year-old Keane came from the Juventus youth training. He had won a lot of game opportunities in the Juventus first team before moving to Everton last summer. However, his performance at Everton in the first half of the season was not ideal, and there was an embarrassing experience of being replaced 18 minutes after coming off the bench. However, after Ancelotti took office, Keane was reused.Keane said, "Ancelotti is a very, very good coach, I can learn a lot with him. We play very well, play good football and like to have the ball. Ancelotti is just Let me enjoy what I'm doing, work hard and become more professional. It's important for him, we talked about the team and where I can play."

Keane went on to say, "It was a great start (against Newcastle) and I'm going to be ready for all the games and show the coach why I'm here. I keep my head up and work hard and when I get on the pitch I always try Be fully prepared."To know more about "Kean: I can learn a lot from Ancelotti, I will be ready for all games", please continue to pay attention to the technical information section, the editor will continue to update you. A lot of technical information.

Genoa officially announced that veteran Swiss midfielder Behrami had a successful medical examination and has officially completed the signing.Behrami has been training with Genoa before. He has not been able to find a new owner after he terminated his contract with the Swiss Super League team Sion in October last year. Now he will return to the familiar Serie A arena.

The 34-year-old Behrami is a defensive midfielder known for his wide running coverage and strong defense. Behrami has previously played for Italian teams such as Genoa, Verona, Lazio, Fiorentina, Napoli and Udinese.Behrami landed on the Apennine Peninsula in the 2003-2004 season, when the first team he joined was Genoa.

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