Zhejiang elects Olympic champion Wang Shun as the representative of the 20th Party Congress|big cash game apk download-cash paytm game

Zhejiang elects Olympic champion Wang Shun as the representative of the 20th Party Congress

How to balance family and football? Henderson lives in Cheshire with his wife Rebecca and their two young daughters - Alex, 6, and Alba, 4. After Christmas morning training, Henderson, 29, rushed home to spend an afternoon and evening with his wife and children before flying to Leicester with his team-mates on the morning of the 26th. Liverpool's away games usually start a day early, but this Christmas, Klopp allowed his players and staff to spend the holiday at home first.

Klopp allows Liverpool players to spend Christmas at home this yearHe smiled and said: "The girls get up at dawn - don't worry - so I'm going to bed early on Christmas Eve. I'll stay with them for a while before I go to Melwood for breakfast and then In the afternoon I'll be rushing home non-stop. I think this time of year, the head coach makes some adjustments in terms of resting the players. It's a very stressful time, and rehab and rest at home works well. It helps Keeping the players fresh, but also allowing them to spend more time with their families.鈥

"I guess the girls are used to being away from home a lot. They know I'm a player, which means I have to travel a lot. When I'm not at home, I also have video calls with them. But sometimes this kind of communication It's not that great: they either don't bother to talk to me, or they just tell me they're not home. It's so hard. So I tend to contact them when they want to find me.""I don't want to leave them either, but I think they'll understand what my job is and what it's about. They're young so they don't watch me play at night, but they enjoy it. Watching football at Anfield. They always wait for me to come home with a special emotion."

Resting at home is not an easy task, especially when you are the captain of Liverpool, trying to lead the team to realize the championship dream that has been waiting for almost 30 years."You always think about the next day's Christmas game," Henderson said. "It's part of the holiday season. My family understands the job, and that's why family time during the summer offseason is so important 鈥 - That's really quality family time, where you can really relax."

"It's a good thing for my wife and children to spend Christmas as a family. Rebecca's family will come over at Christmas time, and so will my family, so there will be many people with the children. "Henderson believes the most important thing to do during Christmas is to focus on preparing

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