Shenhua is discussing contract details with Zeng Cheng, Gao Lin and Feng Xiaoting are not worried about going home|paytm cash earn game-cash paytm game

Shenhua is discussing contract details with Zeng Cheng, Gao Lin and Feng Xiaoting are not worried about going home

Champions League 2019-12-12 04:00 Thursday, Paris Saint-Germain VS Galatasaray

Paris Saint-GermainAlthough Paris was plagued by repeated injuries in the beginning, forwards Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani were all away from the game for a long time due to injury; but now Paris' injury situation has been greatly alleviated, and the record has also soared, with more stability. Strong, after the 3-1 reversal of Montpellier in the last round, Paris has now achieved a wave of 5 wins and 1 draw in various competitions.

The Champions League group stage is also locked in advance of the group stage, so Paris can easily deal with this game. Given their good offensive and defensive rhythm this season, the league has only scored a goalless game so far, and the excellent goal efficiency of 2.18 goals per game is in Ligue 1. Disdainful of the crowd, so even if Paris has qualified ahead of time in this game, the power is believed to be not weak at all.In addition, the concessions in this game compared to the first round have fully doubled, and there is no sign of weakness because Paris has already qualified in advance. For now, Paris Saint-Germain is still very eager to win at the Parc des Princes. Strong, after all, as a giant, they still have a lot of records to create, and naturally they will not miss any chance to win.

GalatasarayThere are many well-known "famous players" in Galatasaray, including former Monaco striker Falcao, former Dortmund striker Moore and former Roma midfielder Nzonzi, etc., but their attacking power is very mediocre, so far The average goal per game in the Turkish Super League is only more than 1 goal, and in the Champions League group stage, there is only one goal after 5 rounds. Such a bleak front line performance directly made them bid farewell to the Champions League stage ahead of schedule.

In the first round of the confrontation, Paris, whose lineup was not yet complete at the time, defeated Galatasaray 1-0 on the road. Now that many core players have returned and they have the right time and place, Paris has a natural advantage. big.For more information on "Champions League: Paris Saint-Germain has now returned with many core players, the natural advantage is greater", please continue to pay attention to the science and technology information column, the editor will continue to update you with more technology News.

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