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Durant triggers health safety protocol, will miss four games for a week

The main investors and main businesses of the China League One clubs (18, including clubs that are to be dissolved or to be dissolved) are as follows:

鈻瞁ith * for state-owned enterprisesAmong the 18 China League One clubs, there are 3 clubs that are disbanding or are about to be disbanded: Guangdong South China Tigers, Sichuan FC, and Liaozu.

Of the remaining 15 clubs, there are 7 clubs whose main business is real estate: Kaisa, Renhe, Hengfeng, Yatai, Greentown, Meizhou Hakka and Tianshan Snow Leopard, and another club is suspected to be related to the real estate club.In addition, there are 2 clubs invested by state-owned enterprises: Chengdu Xingcheng and Beijing North Sports University.

In addition, the situation of two clubs is complicated, namely Inner Mongolia Zhongyou and Shaanxi Changan Athletic.The remaining 4 clubs are engaged in drinking water (Heilongjiang volcanic spring), coal wholesale sales (Nantong Zhiyun), investment (Taizhou Yuanda) and private universities (Shenyang City).

Through the above statistics, it can be found that among the 34 clubs in the Super League and China League One, there are 4 clubs whose admission status is pending, or it is determined that they cannot be admitted, namely Tianjin Tianhai, Guangdong South China Tigers, Sichuan FC, and Liaoning Hongyun. Of the remaining 30 clubs, more than half of which are mainly engaged in real estate, a total of 16.There is no doubt that there is a single industry phenomenon among Chinese professional football club investors, and the number of real estate developers exceeds half. If there is trouble in the real estate industry, it will seriously affect the healthy development of the Chinese Football Professional League.

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