Zulong Entertainment鈥檚 financial report: a loss of 303 million during the year, and the cumulative turnover of 鈥淒ragon Fantasy鈥 exceeded 3.8 billion|jhandi munda cash game-cash paytm game

Zulong Entertainment鈥檚 financial report: a loss of 303 million during the year, and the cumulative turnover of 鈥淒ragon Fantasy鈥 exceeded 3.8 billion

鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥Talking about the strategy to restart Serie A, Pinault said: "This sudden outbreak may be an opportunity to change the business model of Serie A. In such a difficult period, it is difficult for companies to modernize their business models." "About private equity Fund discussions started before the outbreak and we are in the final stages of discussions. In the long run, we hope to use their management skills to create greater value for Serie A."

鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥Marketing Cooperation "China Sports" and Huanwang Technology reached a strategic cooperation to build a new model of sports content marketing鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥On November 15th, it was reported that "China Sports" and Huan.com Technology officially reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will carry out comprehensive cooperation on live broadcast of major events, derivative and original programs, and joint investment in sports IP, and provide rich content and customization for large-screen users. service.

鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥"China Sports" is a sports media platform jointly operated by Shengli Family and China Sports News Agency. At present, it gathers information including ITTF World Tour, BWF Tour, World Snooker Championship, China League One, FA Cup 300 high-quality sports events, including the Tour de France, and more than 5,000 live broadcast copyrights, with an average annual live broadcast time of nearly 30,000 hours. In the production and broadcasting of large-scale events and projects such as the National Games and the 2020 China Sports National Day live broadcast, it also brings users a high-quality audio-visual and interactive experience.鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥China Sports said that this time it has reached a strategic cooperation with Huanwang Technology on the intelligent large-screen operation platform, and will continue to expand the distribution position and influence of the platform content. Huanwang Technology is committed to large-screen intelligent marketing and operation services. The cooperation between the two parties will build an intelligent large-screen pan-sports marketing platform, focusing on copyright event broadcasting, self-made column cooperation, sports IP cooperation and customization, sports derivative cooperation, and event sponsorship. , focusing on the construction of sports ecology in the scenario of smart large screen.

鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥Beijing Winter Olympics' first seal-type licensed product adds new products鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥On November 14th, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Huibao series product launch conference was grandly held at the Beijing Arts and Crafts Museum. Authorized by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, three licensed products of the Beijing Winter Olympics emblem, the sapphire version, the jasper version, and the suet jade version, are listed. These are the three Winter Olympic seals that have been re-released following the Beijing Winter Olympics Emblem Collection (Hetian Green and White Jade Seal), Collector's Edition (Gold Seal), and Commemorative Edition (Bronze Seal).

鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥Change of personal sponsor, Lewandowski is about to complete the contract with Puma鈥檚financialreportalossof303millionduringtheyearandthecumulativeturnoverof鈥淒ragonFantasy鈥On November 14th, according to "fussball", Puma may complete the signing of Bayern striker Lewandowski. Lewandowski is currently working with Nike. According to fussball, Lewandowski is likely to switch personal sponsors from Nike to Puma.

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