WTT Macau roster released, Ma Long leads 29 players|original cash game-cash paytm game

WTT Macau roster released, Ma Long leads 29 players

It is worth mentioning that in the 82nd minute of the game, Tajikistan also kicked a very creative and complex free kick, which attracted great attention after the game. For the set-piece opportunity 30 meters in front of the goal on the left, 3 people from Tajikistan stood in front of the ball at the same time, and 2 people started at the same time. The line of defense suddenly became a mess. It's a pity that the header of the Tajik player who was in the penalty area failed to hit the mark and missed the goal. Otherwise, this free kick will definitely become a football classic.

In the second round against the more powerful Spanish team, Tajikistan lost 1-5. However, in the last game of the group stage, if they can upset Argentina, they will directly qualify for the group stage. Even if they lose, they may become one of the 3rd best teams in the 4 groups and advance to the round of 16.In Asian football, Tajikistan is by no means a strong team. In last year's U16 Asian Cup, they went all the way to the final as a dark horse, and finally lost to Japan, but they still created the best result in team history. At the level of the adult team, Tajikistan has never defeated the Chinese team, with 1 draw and 3 losses in 4 matches and 8 goals scored. But from the perspective of the future, the young boys of Tajikistan made a stunning appearance in their World Cup, but our Chinese national team of the same age group did not even qualify for the U16 Asian Cup last year. As for the last U17 participation The World Cup is even more distant in 2005.

It is no exaggeration to say that perhaps in the near future, the Chinese national football team will have another strong opponent in Asian football. Because at the age of U17, China has already lost at the starting line.For more information on 銆朅sian Underdogs Stunning World Cup! The 17-year-old boy played a creative positioning ball and lost in the future. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the comprehensive sports column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

Since joining Real Madrid from Tottenham in the summer of 2012, Modric has won a total of 15 club-level trophies, including 4 highly valuable Champions League titles. And with his outstanding performance in the World Cup last year, the Croatian superstar broke the 10-year monopoly of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and won top personal honors such as the World Footballer and the Ballon d'Or in one fell swoop, reaching the professional level at the age of 33. pinnacle of career. But after the peak, it will be downhill wherever he goes. This season, Modric under Zidane is "falling out of favor" a little bit. The Golden Ball is no longer so important to Real Madrid.Statistics show that Modric has only played 274 minutes for Real Madrid so far this season, compared with 937 minutes and 1054 minutes in the same period of the previous two seasons, a serious decline. In this limited playing time, Modric played 6 times in all competitions, started 3 times and only played the full game once.

So who took Modric's place? The answer is Uruguay's 21-year-old Valverde. In fact, Zidane has been looking for his starting lineup since the start of the new season. Zidane used 11 sets of starting players in the first 11 official games, until recently with Galatasaray and Leganes. In the midfield position, Casemiro and Kroos were unshakable, and Valverde became the new partner of the two. "Marca" said bluntly: The "iron triangle" that has won countless honors for Real Madrid is about to disband.According to the data given by the German "Transfer Market", Modric's current worth is only 20 million euros, which is a 63% drop compared to the 55 million euros at his peak. The 34-year-old Croatian star also seems to have reached the age of quitting Real Madrid's first-line.

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