Naples sports director: There will be signings in the winter window and the team needs to get back on track|game khelo real cash jeeto-cash paytm game

Naples sports director: There will be signings in the winter window and the team needs to get back on track

Transmission system experience device

Shimano's "Riding Museum" has bicycles and cultural display walls on display, as well as disassembled bicycle parts with audio and video explanations; miniature landscape models themed on mountain bike competitions and urban commuting are vividly displayed for people application scenarios of bicycles.The rich experience equipment allows novice Xiaobai to experience the thrill of riding. On the riding platform in the riding experience area, the experiencer can have a lively interactive ride with riders from all over the world through virtual riding software. What's more interesting is that when the riding mileage reaches two kilometers, the calories consumed will be automatically converted into a cup of delicious capsule coffee by the matching watt coffee machine, helping the experiencer to replenish energy in time.

Cycling experienceWhen you are tired from playing, you can come to the reading area to rest. In addition to cycling-related books suitable for advanced beginners, Shimano Experience Center also prepared interesting cycling picture books for children, so that children can learn about cycling with the most suitable reading method for them, adding a new place to weekend parent-child activities.

Riding scene restoration in miniaturesOn December 7, the "Beijing Daily" published the Beijing Municipal Party Committee's proposal on formulating the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the long-term goals for 2035. It is proposed to complete the preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics with high standards, and focus on improving the development level of sports. Among them, the sports development focuses are as follows:

Complete the preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics with high standards. Fully implement the concept of green, shared, open and honest Olympics, take the initiative to prepare for various risk prevention and response, and successfully hold a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games. Complete the construction of venues and infrastructure with high quality, deepen event organization, venue operation and peripheral guarantees, and improve the professional and international level of preparation work. Adhere to the "three competition areas, one standard", and coordinate the work of transportation, catering, accommodation, medical care, security and other services. Do a good job in market development, publicity and promotion, and media operation in an orderly manner. Carefully plan and organize cultural activities such as torch relay, opening and closing ceremonies. Adjust the competition strategy according to the changes in the epidemic situation, and formulate epidemic prevention and control plans and plans. Strengthen the construction of ice and snow sports teams, improve the competitive level of ice and snow sports, and encourage citizens, especially young people, to participate in ice and snow sports. Implement the Science and Technology Winter Olympics Action Plan to improve the level of smart city services. According to local conditions, plan to promote the sustainable use of venues, accelerate the construction of the Beijing International Olympic Academy, build the Beijing Winter Olympic Park and the Olympic Museum, and create a double Olympic heritage worthy of inheritance and benefiting the people. Coordinate the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou cultural and sports tourism belt.Efforts will be made to improve the development level of sports undertakings. Increase the supply of sports venues and facilities, promote the opening of sports facilities to the society, and create a "quarter-hour fitness circle" around the people. Improve the public service system for national fitness, extensively carry out mass sports activities, and continue to improve the physical fitness of citizens. Promote new sports consumption, and promote the development of sports industries such as fitness and leisure. Optimize the layout of competitive sports projects and strengthen the training of reserve talents for competitive sports. Introduce international high-end sports events, complete the transformation of industrial sports, and successfully host the Asian Cup football match.

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