Football News: The Court of Arbitration for Sport is expected to solve the problem of players' salary, but when it will be established is still unknown|real cash game in india-cash paytm game

Football News: The Court of Arbitration for Sport is expected to solve the problem of players' salary, but when it will be established is still unknown

In the future, the super traffic detonated by the two high-speed railway stations within the jurisdiction will further promote Chongli to build a high-quality sports tourism resort, create sports events and other products with regional characteristics and leading roles, and improve the overall efficiency of the sports industry value chain system. The "full-season operation" model opens up a new blue ocean for the development of the sports industry.

On January 2nd, the second "China Sports Lottery" 2022 National New Year Climbing Fitness Conference Hebei venue and 2022 Cuiyun Mountain Snowrun Ice and Snow Cross-country Challenge (hereinafter referred to as Cuiyun Mountain), sponsored by the China Sports Lottery and operated by Beijing Cijie Sports. Yunshan Snowrun) was successfully held in Cuiyunshan International Tourism Resort, Chongli, Hebei.The event attracted hundreds of off-road enthusiasts from all over the country to run freely in the wild snow and challenge themselves in the dense birch forest. It is reported that this event has set up four groups, namely the 21KM challenge group, the 10KM experience group, the 5KM family group and the New Year climbing group. The event strictly complied with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and set up two online and offline competition systems, which launched the first shot of the 2022 National New Year run.

Swing twice under the epidemic, many parties have made efforts to strictly prevent the epidemicAt the end of 2021, the new crown is still raging across the country, sporadic cases continue to break out, various events have been postponed or forced to cancel, the entire road running industry is in a downturn, and Cuiyun Snowrun is also in a dilemma. How to ensure zero infection under the requirements of epidemic prevention and control is the primary condition for the successful holding of the event. At that time, runners who signed up for Cuiyun Mountain Snowrun had spread all over the country. There were sporadic cases in Nanjing, Xi'an, and Beijing. Especially, Chongli was adjacent to Beijing, which made it confusing whether the event could be successfully held. The group of runners was also in chaos, worried that they would not be able to participate in the competition as they wished. In this case, the organizing committee immediately convened an internal event executive group meeting to discuss countermeasures and actively communicate with Cuiyun Mountain International Tourism Resort.

First, strict epidemic prevention and control requirements have been formulated. The organizing committee has specially set up an epidemic prevention and control team, which requires all participants to meet the following conditions before participating: First, all participants are required to hold a nucleic acid test report within 48 hours before they can participate in the competition, and the requirements for nucleic acid testing are strictly required. That is, if you report on the 1st, you need a nucleic acid report on December 30; if you report on the 2nd, you need a nucleic acid report on December 31; second, you are required to show a green health code; No. - No passage with an asterisk) Fourth, it is recommended to complete the new crown vaccination.Second, the implementation of the advance reservation reporting system. The organizing committee negotiated with Cuiyun Mountain International Tourism Resort. In order to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, an appointment reporting system will be implemented for runners participating in the Cuiyun Mountain Snowrun. It is necessary to apply for an appointment to enter Chongli online, and the request can only be made in advance. Make an appointment one day, and you can enter Chongli only after the appointment is successful. The Chongli government has set up multiple checkpoints. If you do not receive a successful appointment text message from the Chongli Epidemic Prevention Office, you will be persuaded to return at each checkpoint.

Third, the main venue is closed and managed, and public liability insurance is increased. In order to improve the epidemic prevention and control mechanism, the organizing committee and Cuiyun Mountain International Tourism Resort decided to separate the main venue from the ski resort and implement closed management of the competition venue and the ski resort in order to reduce the interaction of people and reduce risks. In addition to the regular sports accident insurance, the organizing committee also purchased public liability insurance for each runner. Nucleic acid testing points have been set up on the first floor of the Cuiyun Mountain Ski Equipment Hall and the hotel partnered with the event. Runners can conduct nucleic acid testing at any time.Focusing on runners, online and offline efforts

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